About Us

Welcome to VS Fashion Masks

 At VS Fashion Masks, we care about your safety in modern life.

Established in California in 2020, we help people stay safe and comfortable, all while looking great.

Trying to make ill-fitting, uncomfortable face masks work for you is out. High-quality fabric, adjustable fit, and an uncomplicated style put our all-day wear masks front and center to help you feel more like yourself, all day long.

We designed these masks to offer ultimate comfort. Our soft, adjustable 3D profile for kids and adults is our most popular pick for companies and individuals. Our bamboo neck gaiter will fit everyone looking for soft and natural face coverings. Try all our products to experience the comfort and simplicity of face masks that you'll actually enjoy wearing. From our hearts to yours, stay safe, and stay cool!

Most importantly, our products are certified safe according to CPSIA regulations and do not contain harmful chemicals or hazards. CPSIA certification stamp

We are happy to bring safety and joyful moments to you and your family.

Donation Activity

V/S Fashion Masks is in partnership with elementalbottles.com and charity: water, making sure that every purchase through our site helps to bring clean water to those in need. Providing humanity with its most basic need, clean drinking water, is imperative, even as we stretch to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Support us and help grow a global community of those who care.